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  • Can dARTS be installed as a DIY system?
    No, only a trained dealer can install a dARTS system as it involves precise calibration and does not involve standard connections.
  • How many years warranty is available on the dARTS range?
    Every dARTS speaker (passive) is covered by a 10 year, non-transferrable warranty and 3 years, non-transferrable for active components.
  • Can dARTS system be customized?
    Yes, please enquire for In-Wall, On-Wall or Freestanding options.
  • Can dARTS do Atmos??
    Yes, dARTS is suited for all sound formats and can be customized accordingly.
  • Can the dARTS amplifier be used with other speakers?
    No, the DP-4000IA amplifier with DSP has been specifically designed for the dARTS system only.
  • Does the dARTS system come with a calibration kit?
    Yes. It needs to be purchased just once by the dealer.
  • Where are dARTS speakers made?
    The entire dARTS speaker range is hand built in the USA
  • Does Phase Tech have custom install speakers?
    Yes, Phase Tech has a very wide range of custom install speakers.
  • Does Phase Tech have any floorstanding speakers?
    Yes, please check out the Premier series.
  • How many years warranty do Phase Tech speakers have?
    All Phase Tech speakers (except powered speakers) have a 10 year non-transferrable warranty and 3 year non-transferrable warranty for active components.
  • Which tweeter do Phase Tech speakers use?
    Phase Tech are the inventors of the soft dome tweeter and continue to use the soft dome tweeter in all their products. It is one of the most widely used tweeter in the world.
  • What is the warranty on NuprimeX Amplifiers?
    All Nuprime-X products come with a non-transferrable 3 year warranty.
  • How many channel amplifiers are available?
    There are amplifiers ranging from 1 to 4 channel.
  • Are these acoustically transparent?
    Yes, all DreamScreen's are acoustically transparent screens.
  • Can custom sizes be made?
    Yes, please contact us to discuss.
  • What type of screens are available?
    There are fixed screens available in 2.40:1 & 16:9 video formats.
  • Is there an eARC extender available?
    Yes, Simplified MFG is one of the only manufacturers to have an eARC extender.
  • What is the warranty on Simplified MFG?
    All Simplified MFG products come with a 3 year non-transferrable warranty.
  • Can Luxrec chairs be customized?
    Luxrec chairs specialize in custom furniture.
  • What material can be used?
    Any material desired can be used with Luxrec chairs.
  • What is RGB HDMI cable?
    The HDMI cable is with a built in RGB strip that lights up when connected. It has an optional USB to make the LED brighter.
  • Vivify HDMI cables are Optical or Copper??
    They are Optical only.
  • Are these 8K or 4K?
    All Vivify HDMI cables are 8K for Australia.
  • Can these speakers be submerged in water?
    These speakers are outdoor speakers but should not be submerged in water.
  • Are these speakers 100v only?
    These speakers are available as low impedance 8Ohm speakers and can be fitted with 100v transformers available with us.
  • Are there any full range speakers?
    Yes, Rockustics make a unique, award winning full range outdoor speaker called the 'Cherry Bomb'. Contact us for more details.

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